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Welcome to Whiffyskunk.com Own Stock Ebooks section. This is an ever growing section of the site.  These Ebooks are targeted at readers but Master Resell Rights ARE included.

These books CAN be used as free gifts or bonus gifts or even resold, if and where a person wishes to do so, but please don’t hound me for images et al. There is a Master Resell Rights Certificate (NOT PLR) which if you are reselling, you are free to download – just use the search function in the side bar under the terms ‘master resell’. This certificate can only be used alongside these ebooks, the terms of which MUST be adhered to.

PLR (see below) – Only Ebooks stipulated for sale with PLR rights have PLR rights attached.

NOTE 1 All books sold here are under Master Resell Rights but NOT PLR, unless otherwise stated, do not attach PLR rights to any Ebooks purchased here unless it is stipulated in the description that PLR are included. Whifyskunk.com accepts no responsibility for irresponsible users of this site.

Whiffyskunk.com Ebooks uses Paypal only on any buy transaction.

NOTE There will be a PLR and Master Resell Section forthcoming, but these offers will be in bundles in POST format, so keep checking back from time to time.