The Art Of Astrology

  • A Look at Principles and Practices

Dream Interpretation

  • Deciphering Your Dreams


  • Your Guide Into The World Of Fairies and how to see them.

Love Spells (Romance/Dating)

  • A Look At The Voodoo Of Love...!

Lucid Dreaming And It's Benefits For Your Life

  • How to be in control of your dreams and your life.

Past Life Regression and Reincarnation

  • Everything You Need To Know About Reincarnation And Past Lives

Psychic Self Defense

  • How To Shield Yourself Against Psychic Attacks And Live Free

The Metaphysical Journal

  • The Most Important Book You Will Ever Read On Metaphysical Matters

The Magic Of Miracles

  • Accessing And Using Miracles In Your Life


  • Inside The World Of The Shaman

Spell Caster

  • A Look At The World Of Spell Casting

Natural Numerology

  • Learn How Your Numbers Can Change Your Life!

Tarot Card Readings Your Destiny

  • Learn your destiny through Tarot reading